The Role Of Normative Life Events On The Individual 's Life Essay

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Everyone had their ups and downs during their lives until some of them became ripple effects within their lives. That was where deep, emotional, or painful moments had happened. Psychologists called those moments nonnormative life events. Normative life events “are unusual occurrences that have a major impact on the individual’s life” (Santrock, 2013, p. 5). For me, I remembered my own nonnormative life event like it was yesterday. 5 years ago, my grandmother passed away without a notice. I was 16 at the time when I first heard the tragic news about my grandmother. I remembered my uncle called my mom and told her that my grandma had been hospitalized in critical condition. My grandmother had a heart attack in her home where she hit her head on the drawer near her bed. She was in comma for 3 days until she finally regained her consciousness. I was relieved because I thought I would never see her again. However, life was full of surprises. A week after the incident, my grandmother had a stroke and she left the Earth in her hospital bed. When my grandmother passed away, I felt a deep sharp pain in my heart. Her death caught me off guard because I thought I would have more time with her. Two weeks ago, I was just talking her in her garden while she trimmed her roses and now she was dead. I had known her all of my life and she just disappeared in front of my eyes with just a snap of the fingers. I had so many things that I want to talk to her and so many things I wanted to do…

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