Essay about The Role Of Neuroscience On Public Education

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The Role of Neuroscience in Public Education:
“Field Research Paper”

“Live and learn” is an idiom that best describes the human condition. After all, how does one continue to exist, to live, without learning? Learning is not only essential to survival it is also fundamental to living a full life, yet the process of learning is often overlooked. Analysis of modern public education, particularly in the U.S., has uncovered that learning is not the primary goal, rather its focal point is to teach students how to perform for standardized tests (Grinell and Rabin 748-750). This is not to say that standardized testing is detrimental to learning, in fact, it is a necessary tool for educators to gauge the class. However, a byproduct of teaching the bare-minimum, rather than the necessary in-depth knowledge to learn the subjects, emanates from the pressure of student performance on standardized tests. Furthermore, it is within the in-depth knowledge that the foundation of further learning is formed. With an unreliable structure of learning for students to build upon, they face a constant battle to retain basic knowledge. How can society expect a future with skilled and competent members if these members have crumbling foundations for learning? There are also other hindrances to learning in public education such as current curriculums and teaching styles, regardless there are various reforms that can be done to improve learning quality in public education. Proper reformation in…

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