The Role Of Nature Vs. Nurture, Culture And Gender, And Family Involvement

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In this paper, I will examine the role of nature vs. nurture, culture and gender, and family involvement. I will prove an understanding of each influence while using my own thoughts, interviews with relevant educators/families, and current research to detail each section. Thus, each influence shapes development and learning for a young child in different ways and I will prove that throughout this paper.

Nature Vs Nurture To begin, both nature and nurture play a vital role in human development. Nature is defined by the genetic makeup one inherits from both their parents and has with them all their life while nurture can be defined as the different environmental factors one is played into throughout life (Berger, 2015). We each have social, emotional, physical, and cognitive characteristics which nature and nurture influence. For example, when looking at social characteristics, nurture plays a big role. A child, unwillingly, is born into the class spectrum their parents are in. One baby might be born into an upper class family with plentiful amounts of money, luxury, and experiences another baby will not get if born into a lower class family with little money, poor housing, and little experiences of life. These factors shape development and learning for a child due to the opportunities given to them and the access to them. To continue, in my opinion, both nature and nurture influence emotional characteristics. In matters of nature, my mother is a very…

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