The Role Of Nature Vs. Nurture

In this paper, I will examine the role of nature vs. nurture, culture and gender, and family involvement. I will prove an understanding of each influence while using my own thoughts, interviews with relevant educators/families, and current research to detail each section. Thus, each influence shapes development and learning for a young child in different ways and I will prove that throughout this paper.

Nature Vs Nurture To begin, both nature and nurture play a vital role in human development. Nature is defined by the genetic makeup one inherits from both their parents and has with them all their life while nurture can be defined as the different environmental factors one is played into throughout life (Berger, 2015). We
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The culture and society in which a child grows up in influences many factors of their life including developmental milestones to what kind of challenges they might face. To begin, I will begin on the topic of gender identification. Being a boy or girl is something that comes natural for most children. They are labeled female or male, their sex, based on their physical characteristics. Now, once the child is able to express themselves of that gender, it is called “gender identity" (Berger, 2015). This happens around the age of two and around the age of four, they have an even clearer sense of their gender identity and assume and label boys from girls whether it be from toys to actual people. For example, a couple of the children I work with around this age have questioned the special education aid on her gender. She identifies as a female yet dresses, looks, and acts like a boy. The children assume she is a boy considering the way they see her yet her sex is female. However, this may not be the case for every child. Thus, it is important for parents or caregivers to give the child opportunities to explore each gender role and styles of play at a young age. For example, they can learn through children’s books or puzzles that show non-stereotypical gender roles. This may include male nurses and female police officers. Also, a child should have a vast range of toys …show more content…
When teachers and parents work together to create an environment at home and in school where the child can benefit best, this is great family involvement (Berger, 2015). In order to become involved in your child’s education, you can first, be a consumer. The education to your child is a service and telling them what you like and don’t like helps your child’s education. You can also become a supporter of the program. Giving materials, raising money, and overall supporting your child’s education is an ideal family involvement situation. Finally, you can become a member of the parent-teacher association (PTA). This allows parents to become a direct influence on the program and how it will affect your family whether it comes to hiring staff, planning programs, or raising money. My aunt is a member of her three daughter’s PTA. She is one of the leaders of the program and her relationship with her girls is so great, due to family involvement. Thus, the involvement one chooses to have with child’s education is up to them. However, regardless of how small the involvement may seem, the child will benefit when there is successful family involvement. For example, according to Sara Ipatenco, a childcare expert, more parental involvement leads to children having higher attendance rates, better grades, higher standardized test scores, fewer behavior problems at school, higher high school

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