The Role Of Mental Health Nurse Essay

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The Role of Mental Health Nurse
When looking back through the history of nursing it is clear to see the ever changing role of the mental health nurse (MHN), it seems inconceivable people with mental illness in 1845 were treated in lunatic asylums which were compulsory with the passing of the Lunacy Act. In the Asylums there were no nurse’s to be found only attendants who had little or no training other than “The Handbook for the Instruction of Attendants on the Insane” which was published many years later in 1885 (RCN 2013), this compared to current standards where nurses undertake a three year university course approved by the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) appear worlds apart. However that was then and this is now, institutions are now being replaced with hospitals while admissions are short and replaced with crisis services and community care. All of the above factors have contributed to the ever evolving role of the MHN while this assignment will explore in depth how legislation, policies and professional standards MHN’s strive to follow. Combine this with research and evidence based practice to improve nursing care and decision making, the aim of the assignment will be to demonstrate the role of a MHN today.
Mental Health nursing as a profession
It’s been 163 years since Florence Nightingale took her first job in nursing which led to the first time soldiers in the war were being treated with dignity and respect (BBC 2014). The importance of this moment…

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