What Is The Ending Of A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen

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Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House is a story about society, the roles of men and women within it, as well as self-discovery to become the individual that we should be. Torvald’s believes are aligned with society’s, and his desire to control shows itself throughout the play. We see Torvald call Nora nicknames that seem endearing, but is actually demeaning. As the play progresses on, the characters show more about themselves. The ending of the story is ambiguous, and leaves much think on, even with Nora finally reaching her epiphany.

In the first act, Torvald is seen spoiling his wife and giving her nicknames like “skylark”, “squirrel”, and “spendthrift”. All these are small animals and harmless. He also always adds the term “little” before all these nicknames. Torvald treats Nora in an adoring, yet instructing way
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Although this is possible, it’s unlikely. They have lived eight years of married life together, it would be hard for him to change his habit. He would need a lengthy amount of time for it, and Nora, the way she is now, will not give him that time. If they were to rebuild their relationship, it would have to start from the beginning, as Nora feels estranged towards her husband. There is a chance that she may come back. Even if not for Torvald, there is possibility for her to return for her children. Furthermore, Nora may feel a sense of freedom then, but outside, society still has the same view against women.

The marriage of Torvald and Nora has been dysfunctional from the start. Neither of them realized it until it was too late, which is what brought them to such a regrettable finale. Nora, though not treated as equal by her husband, did not notice it. Torvald held the same believes as the average man, and he honestly did not feel he was guilty. Both are heavily influenced by the society norms regarding men and women. Torvald may change, and Nora may return, but that is feasible only in the distant

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