The Role Of Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

750 Words Sep 15th, 2016 3 Pages
In our modern society one of our primary agents of socialization is media. The media has indeed took a great impact on what can be and should be prime examples of appropriate social standards. There are many different types of communications that can impact an invdiuals way of thinking. However since there are six members in this learning group, we will be summarizing on what types of media forms have had major infucne our lives. For our first group member Gabrielle Manzano she states, “I would say that media has impacted me and who I 've become on the course of time because it has shown me things that I like and don 't like. It has also opened up new opportunities for me and showed me things that I never knew existed and has been a great eye opener for me”. The media in this case has shown her many different types of subjects, which she may agree or disagree with. Also this type of agent has led her to discover all types various events that could greatly benefit her because of the media. The second group member is me. When I was in my early teenage years in middle school there were newspapers that were given to all of the students. I had picked up this news article and had read the issue of child soldiers in foreign countries. By reading this topic I was exposed to this horrifying truth of how other children were being treated. This lead me to question the events around me and to see if there was some type of action that I could have done. This is how the media influenced…

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