Patriarchy In A Doll's House

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A Doll’s House is not an indictment of marriage, but an indictment of blind loyalty to patriarchy. The play validates feminine agency, through the lens of marriage, by demonstrating the fallibility of men’s authority, while giving some consideration for the importance of women’s contributions to the wellbeing of mankind. Furthermore, this play not only serves as an effective instrument for the advocacy of women’s rights, but teaches an important life lesson for any individual. In search of truth, one must be willing to sacrifice their association and ties with traditional societal values. The play starts by depicting Nora as a selfish and rebellious housewife, who keeps secrets from her husband, and acts on her own whims and desires. Torvald is portrayed as a hard working man with a spotless …show more content…
It shattered society’s norms and expectations when the play was new, and continues to advocate the role of feminism in today’s society. It demonstrates the thirst she had for finding reality for herself; wanting to develop her tastes and judgment without her husband’s presence to manipulate her, even if it meant she had to leave her comfortable lifestyle and young children behind. She wanted to mature in ways similar to her friend, Christine. So, with a nurse to care for her kids, and a maid to look after her family and husband, she expressed her concerns to her husband and refused to be his play toy for another moment. The ending of the play came as a sad shock to me, but after careful analysis and consideration, I was very much in awe at the depth of insight that could be gained from investigating past the superficial. It is truly a masterpiece, and a powerful advocate for the woman’s role as a valid contributor to

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