The Role Of Marketing On Consumer Centric Essay

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 The role of Marketing
Marketing which contains how to produce, price, promote and distribute products, service or ideas is an indispensable part to an organization. The aim of marketing is meeting the demands of organizations or individuals through exchange and transactions. According to Didd (2012), selling products are most organizations’ aim, and directly, marketing activities are the key function to them. So the marketing plays a key role in connecting consumers and critical corporate elements, including the product, service delivery, and financial accountability in order to enable organizations to get benefit.

First of all, marketing establishes a connection between consumers and organizations to meet and find their demand. Christine (2007) states that modern marketing emphasizes on consumer-centric that understanding and influencing consumers’ behavior to increase demand for their products and services. Secondly, organizations through marketing activities analyze trends in the external environment in order to understand the current situation and development trend of competitors. By this way, they can combine their resources and make appropriate decisions in terms of product, pricing, distribution, promotion and service. The success of a condom brand Mates is an example. A different strategy by Mates is to display their products next to cosmetics and haircare products rather than among other condoms brand in supermarkets and pharmacies in order to lock their…

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