The Role Of Marketing Of Hypermedia Computer Mediated Environments

1349 Words Feb 18th, 2016 null Page
This article discusses and evaluates the role of marketing concerning hypermedia computer-mediated environments (CMEs). The authors of this article employ an approach that considers hypermedia marketing as being large-scale or global networked environments. In this regard, the World Wide Web (WWW), which can be accessible by people around the world, is the initial start of global marketing in addition the present global implementation of this concept. Marketers are consequently introduced to the new revolutionary medium because it is widely spread nowadays. In addition to that, the authors of this article proceed their approach to study the impact of consumer behaviors as consequence of hypermedia marketing strategies which bring forward a consumer navigation behavior model in CME that encompasses the assertion of flow. The authors also go further to evaluate research issues and some other implications of studying hypermedia-marketing that come along with the model. In addition to having developed a good introduction to hypermedia and other computer-mediated environments, the authors also compare the new with the old media platforms used which can help marketers to relate and understand the reasons behind the revolution which led to the current form of marketing. This article is quite relevant to the topic under discussion because it shades light to the conceptual foundations of the topic by investigation of aforementioned approach. The authors of the article are associate…

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