The Role of Mainstream Media and Social Media in Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case

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The role of mainstream media and social media in Nirbhaya Gang rape case

The media plays an important role in today’s society through strengthening individuals to express their opinions about the morals and vices in the world. Kumar (2013) noted that media has become as necessary as clothing and food in society since it helps both the marginalized and the powerful to get the justice they deserve in various situations. The mainstream media and social media are considered to be mirrors of the contemporary society since it shapes the people. Hallam (2012) noted the purpose of the social and mainstream media is to keep the people informed about the current affairs and the latest fashion and gossip. The social media such as facebook and
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The medical reports suggested that the lady had suffered brutal injuries to her intestines, genitals and abdomen because of the assault and doctors noted that damages indicated that a blunt object had been used for penetration. The victims were then thrown on the road and left to bleed in pain. The accused tried driving the bus over the lady but her male friend pulled her aside in time. The victims were found unconscious and partially clothed at 11 pm by a passerby on the road who called the Delhi police. The victims were then taken to a hospital where the lady was given emergency treatment and placed on mechanical ventilation. The doctors noted that the female victim only had 5% of her intestines since the iron rod had been inserted into her body and pulled out with a lot of force hence removing most of her intestines. The brutal incident was hyped daily on social and mainstream media that lead the international coverage and hence allowing the Empowerment of women and the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality to condemn the Nirbhaya gang rape (Kholi, 2012).
Role of the social and mainstream media in the Nirbhaya gang rape case The media plays a constructive role in the society today in collecting the views, attitudes, and information towards various issues and increasing public awareness of individuals. Mainstream and social media are considered to be the most powerful tools of

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