The Role Of Lorenzos Importance In William Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice

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Lorenzo’s importance in the Merchant of Venice
It’s common for fathers to grant a blessing for the elopement of two individuals. This blessing is usually given if they approve of the two who are wishing to be married. However, if the father doesn’t want his daughter to be married, then his wish should be respected. This is hardly the case in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Lorenzo, a minor character, intends to elope and run off with Jessica, the daughter of a rich Jew named Shylock. Knowing that Shylock would disapprove because Lorenzo is a Christian and they intend to take all of his money, the couple marries in secret. This action fuels a deep anger and hatred inside Jessica’s father, causing him to seek out vengeance later in the play. Shylock takes out his
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If Lorenzo were Jewish, Shylock wouldn’t have been as angry, since Jessica would be marrying someone with the same religion as her. Yet Lorenzo’s character is a Christian, whom Shylock hates, making him angry. This anger leads him to seek out vengeance against Antonio.
Lorenzo and Antonio are friends, which bridges a connection between Lorenzo and
Shylock. Antonio, the merchant of Venice, borrows money from Shylock. They agree to a bond stating if the money isn’t paid back, Shylock will take a pound of flesh from Antonio. Shylock has originally hated Antonio for being Christian. It just so happens that Antonio’s friends helped
Jessica run away with Lorenzo. Eventually, Antonio can’t pay the money back. Shylock demands his bond from the Duke of Venice, saying that if he doesn’t get it, then the Duke is going against a law already approved of. “It doth appear you are a worthy judge; you know the law, your exposition hath been most sound. I charge you by the law, whereof you are a welldeserving pillar, proceed to judgment. By my soul I swear there is no power in the tongue of man to alter me” Merchant of Venice

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