The Role Of Leadership And How It Is Important For Success Essay

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I. Introduction
The purpose of this work is to explore the role of leadership in companies and how it is such a key factor in success. Cultivation within a company is what makes a good company great; without new ideas and new ways of getting to them a company will fall into mediocrity. How does such business keep getting better in a time of technological advancement and emerging new ideas constantly? The answer is simple; leadership. It is a way that companies can be unified, productive and ultimately successful. In a time that companies grow and change in such a fast pace there are three key ingredients which are the leaders who are changing leadership, knowing what type of leadership to use for different companies or people and how it can be effective.
II. Analysis
Leadership is a term that can be defined in a dictionary and given a distinct definition on what it is, however leadership is not just a definitive group of words but it is a set of traits that make up a person who is successful. In a study that was taken across the globe, across different businesses 4 of the 81 traits were identified as the most important in the makeup of a leader. Firstly, being able to solve problem effectively such as difficult tasks and dealing with difficult individuals. Secondly, operating with a strong results meaning being able to communicate effectively and having an ultimate conclusion that can be executed. Thirdly, those who seek different perspectives so that leaders can know what…

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