Disloyalty To Poseidon In Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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The Odyssey, written by Homer, depicted the story of Odysseus, a hero trying to travel home. However, his journey home was not short and he faced many struggles along the way. It was Poseidon who was the cause of Odysseus’ struggles to arrive home to his wife and son. If it were not for Polyphemus’, Poseidon’s son, request to his father to kill Odysseus on his journey home or ensure he lives a life of struggles, there would be no journey home for Odysseus. Since the gods and people believed in justice, Polyphemus wanted justice on Odysseus in the form of revenge. The main reason for justice was due to Odysseus’s disrespect to Poseidon. Thus, Odysseus’ disloyalty to Poseidon caused a need for justice.

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Once Odysseus stabbed Polyphemus’ eye out, he insulted Poseidon, “‘Heal you!’ –here was my parting shot- ‘Would to god I could strip you of life and breath and ship you down to the House of Death as surely no one will ever heal your eye, not even the earthquake god himself,’” (Book 9, line 580-583). After Odysseus had attacked Polyphemus and took his eye out he swore that no one would ever heal his eye, as his parting words to him. He guaranteed Polyphemus that even if he could kill him and send him down to the House of Death; still no one would ever heal his eye including Poseidon, the earthquake god or Polyphemus’ father. Odysseus insulted Poseidon as a father, since he claimed that he would not even help out his own son. He gave the notion to Polyphemus that Poseidon was a poor father as he claimed that not even Poseidon would help Polyphemus in a time of need. By insulting Poseidon as a father, Odysseus also disrespected the god and became disloyal. He went against his own character which would anger Poseidon and there would eventually be a need for justice against him. It was also the fact that Odysseus directly disrespected Poseidon which angered him. Poseidon’s anger, however, derived from the fact that Odysseus was disloyal to him and not the actual reason he was disloyal. It was Odysseus rage towards Polyphemus that caused him to go against the god due to the fact that Polyphemus had eaten two of Odysseus’ crewmembers. It was not Odysseus’ pride against the cyclops which led him to insult his father, but instead his own anger for what the cyclops had done. Thus, Odysseus’ rage caused him to be disloyal to

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