The Role Of Intra-Nation Politics And The ASEAN Economic Community

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Intra-nation Politics and the ASEAN Economic Community

ASEAN has accomplished a lot of its economic targets in the four pillars of the ASEAN Economic Community. However, it did not meet its ultimate goal of complete economic integration by 2015. It was a milestone to integrate on various levels the economies of countries with different political systems and economic standing, but a lot more need to done for complete integration; hence, a revised outlook in the form of the AEC Blueprint 2025.

The loss of economic competitiveness to emerging markets such as China has been the major driving force in ASEAN’s efforts to accelerate economic integration. AEC is considered as the most important pillar of ASEAN Integration. The ASEAN Economic Community
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To fully realize the AEC, ASEAN member nations must commit themselves to working towards achieving the goals set forth in the AEC Blueprint 2025. ASEAN must find the harmony between national interests and regional commitments, balancing internal conditions with regional aspirations. In line with this, the AEC would ensure closer more comprehensive and mutually beneficial integration among ASEAN member states and their peoples. It would strengthen basis for peace, stability, security, development, and prosperity within the region as well as enhance the regional coherence and competitiveness in the face of new challenges unleashed by globalization and the rise of new economic powerhouses in …show more content…
This will empower the ASEAN Secretariat and result to a more effective compliance mechanism within the region. The group must also take steps in bringing the AEC to the grassroots level. This can be done by intensifying its awareness campaign through information dissemination programs and engaging the local and private sectors. ASEAN member nations should prepare the groundwork in their respective countries to “build more stable, secure societies, deepen ties with geographical neighbors and, eventually, develop a shared sense of regional community and purpose” (Sellier.

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