The Role Of Inequality In The Help By Kathryn Stockett

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What is it that we take pride in putting one another down to be on top? This is the question that arose while reading The Help which was published in 2009, by Kathryn Stockett. It takes place in the 1960s right before the civil rights movement. Through the the book, we can take a close view at the interconnected black and white community. The difference between black and white Americans are vividly little hence, they rip apart the universe. The constant war between the two sides projects the period of inequality in American history. Therefore, equality plays an important role towards discrimination because of social status, race and gender.
Social status permits power to white people, therefore they have control over colored people
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Go do whatever white women do when the maid’s home”(51). She is extremely aware of her status and now showing Celia her status, which they never dare to cross. Consequently, Celia could care less about social class, but, there is a always a fear. Not only Celia but Minny her herself with permission would fear such interaction. Every color man felt suppressed but still equality was impossible at the time. There were always people pulling on blacks leg to stop them from moving forward. Like, when Minny couldn 't find any job because of Hilly 's false rumors (495). Through this, she is projected as a false individual as of her status. Hilly holds a tremendous amount of status being that, she clearly win people heart. Furthermore, the whites without realizing are stepping on blacks ' heads, one after another unaware of the damaged. For example, three years ago today, Treelore died. But by Miss Leefolt 's book it 's still floor cleaning day (100). The whites show no mercy on blacks. They truly disvalue blacks feelings. As a consequence, the blacks continuously die inside because they are defendless. They held endless authorities in this period. The …show more content…
We can see blacks treated as animals. They are ordered to tie up their hair inside a white person 's house, use a separate toilet, they were believed to carry a unique and unknown disease and they were send to separate black hospital (8, 9 and 153). Colored people are separated from the community like oil and water. Unfortunately, there are good souls making the community better piece by piece. One reason is they are still in-need of each other. Mainly, the whites couldn 't survive without a maid as they will be unable to fulfill the job of a housewife like cooking, cleaning, and watching over their children (30). As a result, the colored people are still a part of a white community. They have reach the state where separation is impossible For example, when Celia a white woman needs cooking lessons knowing her husband will shoot her right on sight, Minny feels sorry for her and decides to take the alarming job (43). Slowly but surely, the scattered society is beginning to be close friends, realizing the little to no difference between them. They understand each other 's struggle. Saying that, some are working together to bring changes; for instance,"Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter show that people from this troubled time came together despite their differences, and that ordinary women can be heroic”(32). As a result, they no longer can survive in a unequal society as they thrive to bring changes even

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