The Role Of Human Resource Management Essay

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As learning about the human resource world and what it all involves, it seems a bit over whelming yet exciting because it is so informative. “The role of human resource management is that of a partnership between the human resources (HR) department and management regardless of the organization type” (Niles, 2013). This statement was clear and loud when I sat down for an interview with Doug Kasyon a director in organizational relations, learning and development human resources in University of Colorado Denver. Doug wore many hats when it came time to his daily duties as human resources and it involved a lot of education, evaluation, and plan development with the managers of various departments as well as the employees. I have to say that Doug was very pleasant and surprisingly approachable considering his position and years being involved in HR department. He has been with CU for the past 17 years and only three in his current position. His background in education didn’t really have much of HR involved when he graduated from The Ohio State University with BA in Journalism. When asked how his education comes handy with his daily duties he replied, “I have to write and reply to many emails daily and most of them are to much higher up staff so converting “big” words with doctors come handy and keeps it professional” (D. Kasyon, personal communication, July 11,2016). During the interview, Doug was very informative and willing to answer all the question even thought I have…

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