The Role Of Human Resource Management And The Selection Function

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The Role of Human Resources
Human resource management is a discipline originally created to understand and master the relationship between worker and organization. Inspired by the studies of issues with soldiers during the First World War, human relations evolved quickly into a science studying industrial and organizational psychology (, forming the precursor to human resource management, as we know it today.
This science has evolved into an organizational department responsible for facilitating talent acquisition, working with functional departments to define job requirements, supporting talent retention and assisting functional leaders in the appraisal and continued development of talent. The ensuing discussion will focus on three subject areas; the connection between recruitment functions and the selection function, the relationship between performance appraisals and compensation, and the relationship of the various human resource elements.
Recruiting and Selection
Recruitment is the process of identifying organizational needs to hire for a given position ( Selection then is the process of choosing a suitable candidate from the pool of applicants ( The recruitment and selection processes work together to fulfill…

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