Essay The Role Of Hr Department And Board Of Director And Trustees

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For attention of CEO and Board of Director and Trustees – Milestones Trust

“The role of HR Department in supporting the strategy and management of the organisation”
1. Introduction
This report provides information on HR function and its supportive role for the organisation. It focuses particular on the HR activities delivered to employees and managers. This report is based on observations, interviews and open discussion with employees and management. The report explain the importance of retention and development of Milestones Trust’s HR Department.
2. The mission of HR Department
According to CIPD outlook survey from Winter 2015/16 (CIPD, 2016) cost management is what worries the most HR and non-HR leaders. As it obvious that HR Department is not boosting profits in the way sales department can. A different research shows that there is a link between investing people through HR Team and increasing incomes of the organisation. Where at the same time for a non-profit organisation as we are, the most important is the vision and mission-driven staff supported by HR Team. In our case HR Department puts lots of effort to increase the satisfaction and well-being of employees, develops resources and competencies of our staff and shapes the culture of the organisation.
3. HR function and organisation strategy
Our organisation strategy is to be the care provider of choice in the South of England by delivering outstanding, high quality and life changing services. To achieve this our…

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