Essay on The Role of Hr and the Organization

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The Role of HR and the Organization
Walden University Abstract
Looking at the organization used in week one assignment,one will say that a good HR strategy should be able to accurately come out with a statement which portrays the reason an organization is in existence and then make a tie between what the organization wants to be known for and how it intends to use the talent(human capital)of the organization to achieve this task.”differentiating and managing both strategic and transactional work effectively…is not a simple task” Ulrich ,D,et al (2009).How does HR plan the daily running of the activities of an organization including” the process of
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With the ban on employment in my organization,talents in the organization are located and paired to older mentors for the purpose of imparting the culture of the business into them thereby carving out a succession plan in case of abrupt resignation or retirement.When vacancies become available in the organization,internal adverts are placed for the junior employees to switch roles if desired.But internal movement for senior level employees is done by executive management(which comprises of the chief executive officer ,the chief commercial officer and the director of compliance who is the head of HR in my organization)Through consultation with HR advisor business support and HR workforce,planning & development,based on data available to them,selection of the most qualified and experienced employee is done.This assures committed senior employees that they will be rewarded hence their loyalty to the company.I

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