The Role Of Grammar Of English Language Teaching Essay

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The role of grammar in English Language Teaching (ELT) has been a crucial and debatable issue for many years, gaining both supporters and opponents along the way. The treatment of grammar differs with various teaching methodologies and approaches (Burgess & Etherington 2002: 434). It needs to be noted that grammar is an “ambiguous term” in the language teaching field (Larsen-Freeman 2009: 518). It can refer to many things at the same time. Therefore, only one comprehensive definition will be utilized to eliminate any misunderstandings. According to Ellis (2006: 84), grammar teaching includes instructional techniques that attract learners’ attention to specific grammar forms that will help them “understand [them] metalinguistically, and/or process [them] in comprehension and/or production so that they can internalize [them].” It will be reasoned that grammar still has a place in English Language Teaching due to inconclusive answers opposing grammar teaching, teachers’ predisposition with regards to teaching it, and learners’ motivation and expectation to learn it.
Even though studies of second language acquisition (SLA) has been the main source of knowledge about grammar teaching, it has not supplied conclusive answers with regards to it (Borg 2003: 105). There are several methods used in teaching grammar that are based on two generally contradictory approaches; they range from the Grammar-translation Method, Audio-lingual Method, to the Natural Approach, and the…

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