The Role of Government in Policy Essay

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The Role of Government in Policy making

Legislative tasks are not easily formed. Within our government there are three branches. The executive branch is the branch that oversees healthcare matters with the president as the “CEO”. The other two branches, legislative and judicial, serve their own purpose each separate from the other two. Each branch contributes its own unique processes in establishing social policy.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council for the Concho Valley is a nonprofit organization established in 1960. Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council for the Concho Valley provides assistance in many different areas. A combination of education, intervention, prevention, and treatment is in place to provide to each client’s needs.
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The Privacy Rule ensures that various healthcare providers have policies and procedures as to different ways to protect a client’s information. Different agencies such as health insurance organizations, pharmacies, and physicians have procedures as to how to protect information. These various healthcare workers have requirements that are flexible to permit different healthcare workers to implement them as necessary for their practice. Covered medical personnel could limit the use of information as required. In addition, healthcare organizations are required to take additional steps to maintain client privacy and confidentiality. These steps include but are not limited to: written privacy procedures, employee training, and hiring a privacy officer (to oversee that a high-level of care is provided).

If a consumer believes that his privacy has been violated he would have the right to file a complaint. This complaint can me submitted directly to the offending provider or can be submitted via mail, or electronically to the Office for Civil Rights. The Office of Civil Rights provides adequate space for the consumer to explain why he or she feels her information has been used without proper consent. A consumer may also receive information on how a complaint may be filed The Office of Civil Rights provides a chart of penalties that could be assessed.

HIPAA was designed to provide a consistent amount of protection in the

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