The Role Of Government And The Health System Essay

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In many countries, controversy surrounds the roles of government and the health system.

While bigger states such as The United States and Russia have many public hospitals that

could really overcome the demands for the patients, other countries such as South Africa have

very poor governments hospitals were patients have to procure medications by themselves. In

Canada, we have two types of health systems: public and private system. The first type of

health system, public system, is owned by the government and where the medical health care

services are provided on the basis of need, rather than the ability to pay. The second type of health

system, private system, is more based on the ability to pay rather the treatment – one pays and only

then one receives medical services. However, there is still some debate among the society whether

Canadian health system should keep private clinics or not. Therefore, private clinics should be allowed in

the medical system because they are more advantageous that public systems in several ways.

Public clinics also known as governmental hospitals are completely owned by the

government and they have several flaws and advantages. One of the good points of the public

health care is that it is financed by the government which includes everyone’s taxes . That means that it is available to everyone. Public hospitals cannot deny services to people; however people have to wait a long time for services. For…

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