Night To His Day Judith Lorber Summary

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Gender is very consistent term in our life and thus due to its extensiveness, sometimes we fail to comprehend the meaning of this term and mix it with the meaning of sex. In Judith Lorber’s “Night to His Day: The Social Construction of Gender”, she had tried to explain, academically, what gender is. The discussion in this paper is about the basis of gender construction and its process of enlargement throughout time. Is it nature or nurture? “Night to His Day” is a relevant discussion for my hypothesis in that it elucidates the gender behavior in societies and how it is managed into everyday life.
Throughout history, we, as human, recognize ourselves by woman and man; they have a different responsibilities and inadequate rights. The society is divided to male and female, a man and a woman, this division is based on the physical appearance and the biological function without consideration to any differences such the transgender. Here comes Judith Lorber and introduced us to the word gender and explains the gender construction and discusses its process of development throughout time. She focuses on various societies and their interpretation of gender. Job segregation and gender-bias are creative in our society. The social construction of gender begins from our birth and continues throughout our life. However, the gallant declarations are suggesting that the ideas of gender in our society are
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She says that gender is maintained as a process, and as part of a stratified and structured system; which has caused gender to be “so pervasive that in our society we assume it is bred into our genes”. Lorber’s excerpt concludes, stating that, gender inequality “is produced and maintained by identifiable social processes and built into the general social structure and individual

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