The Role Of Food And Heathy Life Style Essay

1479 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
In the new information age, many people are informed the important of food and heathy life style. Knowing this, many food producers hit their consumers with many bright image of the healthy local grown food. They try to create a mental association of local and healthy food, while in reality they are two different concepts. By definition the local grown food is the food grow and process in the proximity of 50 miles, which has nothing to do with its healthiness. The advertisers create this belief to make consumers buy more of the local food, but the consumers are still getting the same products. The only thing the consumers do right is living up to their false assumption. Due to the shallow knowledge of the general public, the local food movement is born as an insurance for consumers and reinforce their “placebo” therapy. During the course of this research, five articles will be analyze, their method of approaching, convincing and resolving the topic will be discussed.
Mr. Budiansky believes that locavore does not fully understand the sustainability of the industrial food chain, thus they do not make a wise decision. In his article Math lessons for locavores, he tried to inform the uninformed about the truth nature of the food innovation and explain the ambiguous terms of “sustainability and food miles” by pointing that food transported is just as sustainable as local food. His fact and opinion are mix together, it hard to tell where his data is and where is his opinion.…

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