Essay on The Role Of Federal Government And Its Importance

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“Harmonics in the Role of Federal Government and its Importance”
From 1865 to 2000, the scope of federal government’s proper role shifted from a Laissez- Faire mentality to a more hands-on approach particularly when solving national problems and enforcing the needs of the people. In the retrospect to civil rights, the government oscillates in social reconstruction in post-civil war then a hundred years later with LBJ’s presidency. From Industrialism to FDR’s New Deal, the government makes a strong shift from lassie fair to flexing federal “muscles” in the light of economic turmoil. Likewise, the changes in foreign policy during the World Wars to the Red Scare and the Cold war shows the change in federal government’s role with the rise of new threats. These alterations in the administration’s responsibilities are parallel with new focuses in civil rights, economics, and foreign policy. The rhythmic oscillation in the federal government’s role is critical, because of its ability to modify and respond to each corners of the government: social, economic, and foreign.
First, federal government’s proper role in accordance to civil rights or social justice is the only scope where the oscillation from gentle to rough has a gap of 100 years. The heights of America’s focus on civil rights are Johnson’s Presidential Reconstruction (1860’s) and LBJ’s War on Poverty/ Great Society(1960’s).
In addition, post-civil war reconstruction contained the two forms of government ruling: gentle…

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