The Role Of Education In Architecture Education

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Education in architecture has changed drastically after the rise in credential architects that begins in the 1880s. Before this, architecture education was based on apprenticeship system where student will learn first-hand from a mentor that they chose. They will learn from that one mentor everything about architecture for the next 10 to 20 years. École des Beaux Arts, in the early 19th century was established by the French state to create a new method of reproduction for architecture education. This system has become embedded in most of the architecture higher education today. Although the today 's system might not be the exact copy of original system, but the atelier concept in architecture education system has been a distinct
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The current economy downturn has force architect to adapt and explore new ways in finding work opportunities. Survey has shown that most graduates tend to have a multidisciplinary practice in order to have wider opportunities. Architect need to embrace new tools, and competencies, and participate in matters other than building production. The new generation of graduates has accept that they have to worked in a more networked and multidisciplinary way, however this set of skill is not fully been taught during the five years of tertiary education. Many practices have started to find different alternative in looking for a client. Education in creating and generating different business model should become part of architecture education structure as this new set of skills are required to be able to succeed in the practicing world. Numbers of architectural school in the United Kingdom (UK) have started implementing ‘Proto-practice ‘type of education. Proto- practice is where the educational structures is based on and reflect the practicing way. By allowing student to experience the working condition that they will have to have letter on, it allow student fully grasp the need to be able to have multiple set of skill that might not be about building production. Proto-practice education expose student to the need to be able to have positive interaction and communication with other profession in …show more content…
Architecture schools need to be able to recognize that architecture education is in constant change and that it requires student to have multiple skills in order to succeed. The school need to provided that skills and Proto-practice education is a good example how architecture education might suppose to be like. Architecture school has actually started to slowly create a graduate that are not just able to do building production. Almost all architecture school has a period within the five years of tertiary education that requires student to produce its own project brief. This is an example of how architecture education exposing students to new business possibility. Student need to be able to design a brief as it has become part of the profession job

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