The Role Of Disciplines Of Psychology As A Science Essay

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Discuss the efforts of academics to establish the disciplines of psychology as a science.


What is science

Science is a concept of observations and inquiries that the whole world applies depending on certain natural laws which are discovered and tested. Some academics come across ideas which have existed, they explore and test these ideas using scientific methods. These methods are based on observations or experience which compel academics into hypothesis testing. (Comer, Gould, & Furnham, 2013)

Is psychology a science

According to Comer, Gould, & Furnham (2013), psychology is a science because it has common objectives with other sciences in terms of application of methods. For example, physics, chemistry, biology, astrology all apply procedures such explanations, anticipations, descriptions and researchers have power to influence or direct people’s behaviour in a study.

Scientific methods

The efforts of academics to establish psychology as a science compels them to conduct research using experimental methods after coming up with concepts. Psychology academics use several methods to prove and test their hypothesis. For example, procedures such as case studies, observation, measurement and surveys are taken into account when researching. (Comer et al 2013). However, (Valentine, 1991) argues that the application of the above procedures in psychology is questioned by many. For example, thoughts and feeling cannot be directly observed because the difference…

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