The Role Of Critical Reflection On An Alternative Teacher Preparation Program

1525 Words Feb 18th, 2016 null Page
I choose this article because it is about the role of critical reflection in an alternative teacher preparation program. Through my critical reflections this year, I have learned many aspects about myself as a teacher. So, I felt like this was an important article to read and that it really dives into why critical reflection is so important. My first thought when reading the reflections that Mike and Kathy had written was, “Wow, it seems like they have such difficult experiences to pull from and consequently learn from.” Then when I thought more about my students and what they are faced with, I realized that children are all going through different situations. What I do as a teacher to guide and motivate them is what is most important. As mentioned in the article, “This kind of attentiveness is a foundation for teachers to build relationships with their students on, understand students’ experiences and perceptions, and work for their students’ academic and social achievements.” One of the very last quotes I read says, “Teachers benefit from the same learning that they want their students to experience. (Lowenstein & Brill, 2010)” In other words, when teachers can think reflectively and then act on those reflections, they are supporting a culture of thinking within their students. This culture that they create allows for a reflection that the article refers to as, “noticing and naming”. In my experience as a teacher in an alternative preparation program, I have been…

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