The Role Of Criminology And The Criminology Essay

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My best criminologist

Actually it 's quet hard to answer this question as there are so many important contributors to the criminology from it ' s interception. If I could ' choose from all the history of criminology I would say that Beccaria ( year) was the most prominent, as his book ( name and year) and general idea inspired the criminology as a science, but also build the ground for this science to look like what it represent today.

Other prominent criminologist, I ' m fascinated with is Albert Cohen ( name of the theory and year). Unfortunately he is dead 2 years ago, ant it 's not possible to chose him, as my best criminologist in order to reply to this question. However, I would wish to mention that his contribution in the understanding of juvenile, gangs and criminal organizations in somme, must not be underestimated. Juvenile criminology is a great preoccupation at all the level of our society development. If we could arrive to prevent at least a part of it, we would have less adults engaging in crim. activities.
I chose to summarize this two famous criminologists because I do believe they stronly contributed to the explanation of crime.

As per today, the criminologist I would call the best for me is not one but are two. Both are the authors of the book " Am dream and..."( 2013)

Cloward 's " illegitimate means" ( 1959)
1988 Messner

Messner and Rosenfeld, Am dream and..."( 2013)
Albert Cohen Delinquent boys
Merton 's

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