The Role Of Crime And High Concentrations Of Minorities Essay

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While many people look at Chicago and see the gleaming skyscrapers amidst the backdrop of Lake Michigan, people tend to ignore areas in the South Side of Chicago that are rampant with violence and overall neglect. To compound this ignorance, there is a dense concentration of minorities, such as African Americans, in areas with increasing amounts of violence. Because of the correlation between elevated levels of crime and high concentrations of minorities, many people often incorrectly associate criminal actions with minorities. According to many sociological reports, such as “Adolescents, Neighborhoods, and Violence: Recent Findings From the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods” by Liberman, the truth is that social and environmental factors that compose a certain neighborhood play a larger role than racial and ethnic factors in determining the incidence of crime. Poor social and environmental conditions that plague the South and West side of Chicago are due in large part to the destruction of the public high rise housing projects. Although the projects were problematic and infested with crime, gangs, and violence, the destruction of the public high rise projects along with the lack of proper housing alternatives offered by the Chicago Housing Authority has exacerbated the poor social and environmental conditions on Chicago’s West and South side, which has in turn played a large role in the elevated crime rates found in these regions of Chicago.
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