The Role Of Correctional Nurses During Federal Prisons Essay

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The role of correctional nurses in federal prisons is one of great importance. In 2010, there were over 700 nurses employed by the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) (Canadian Nurses Association, 2010). Most of these nurses were the primary health care providers for the majority of the 23,062 inmates incarcerated in one of the 53 federal penitentiaries in Canada, representing 0.081 percent of the Canadian population (Reitano, 2016). The most prevalent health issue in Canadian federal prisons is drug and alcohol abuse. Reitano (2016) reported that almost 70 percent of federal inmates are diagnosed with a substance abuse problem that requires medical attention and rehabilitation services. The role of correctional nurses is important because they are responsible for providing medical treatment and counselling as well as communicating fundamental health promotion strategies (Reitano, 2016). To collect my research, I used CINAHL Complete and my search terms were “correctional nursing” and “substance abuse”; I used Google Scholars and my search words were “health promotion” and “prison”. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to address the roles of correctional nurses and to explore the methods that these nurses use to promote health among inmates in federal penitentiaries. The roles of a correctional nurse are clearly outlined by Norman and Parish (2002) in the book Prison Nursing. The authors of the book, Ann Norman, a registered nurse and Specialist Practitioner, and…

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