The Role Of Contemporary Art Practice On The World Of An Altered Light By Susan Sontag And Henry A.giroux

2313 Words Nov 10th, 2016 10 Pages
In this essay, I will examine the role of contemporary art practice in presenting the world in an altered light so that we engage in the represented events and situations in more critical and perhaps experimental ways. In addressing this question, I shall concentrate on politically engaged artistic practice in the form of photography, street art, and installation art. It is the artistic techniques that these artists behold and present to us that makes us react and respond to them and what they are representing. For example Banksy’s inclusion of the QR code in his mural “Teargas at Calais”, which successfully made the artwork both immensely powerful in in its message, and also interactive, as one could simply scan the code on their smartphones and be linked to a seven minute video of teargas being used in the Calais Jungle. Furthermore, throughout my essay, I shall be continuously linking theoretical works by Susan Sontag and Henry A.Giroux, both of whose theories assimilate into my discussion. I will discuss the 21st Century and the ever-growing social media that is dominated by Images, linking this to Photojournalism and famous photographs that have aroused a colossal reaction from the public eye. Throughout my essay, I plan to concentrate on the Refugee Crisis as my standing theme, as it is the most relevant Social Issue/ongoing event at this time. Artistic practice in response to the refugee crisis is largely popular and is growing exponentially as the crisis continues.…

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