The Role Of Co Parenting On Families Of Divorce Essay

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The Role of Co-Parenting In Families of Divorce
Elliot Schwartz #2725190
The University of Kansas

Author Note:
Elliot Schwartz, PSYC 333, The University of Kansas,
Submitted as partial requirement of PSYC 333 Development In marage two people are drawn together to create an alliance and declare the reasons why they are with each other. In many of these alliances the two people decide to bring a child into the world. However, the reasons that brought these two together do not always hold strong, and for rational only the two of can truly understand couples marriages end in divorce. This can be especially overwhelming for a couple who have decided to build a family together. Yet, in a situation where a families values and structure are shook to its core, co-parenting acts as a way to limit the distress caused to the child as well as the parents. Coparenting in families following a divorce can play a significant role in various components of the household. It can have a part in the development of the child as well as how they experience the divorce. It can help define the structure and themes of the family after the separation. Finally, It can also incorporate tools for maintaining a relationship after an the traumatic event.
Coparenting is not a term reserved for only families who have encountered divorce. Coparenting: A Conceptual and Clinical Examination of Family Systems describe coparenting as “an enterprise undertaken by two or more…

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