The Role Of Co Curricular Activities For Students Essay

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Community building allows a person to reach out their connections and establish relationships with people that can help them to achieve their personal goals. If you would ask a “world class” engineer if they established any connections over the years, they would probably say dozens. An engineer to that stature would have a ton of relationships in their field that have helped them become the engineer that they are today. Having a relationship with your peers allows for team cohesiveness, social aspects, and personal support. Everyone makes mistakes, even in the field of engineering, so it is important to have a support system of people around you, helping you achieve your goal and picking you up when you might have fallen. A “world class” engineer would also have a multitude of experiences in co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities allow an engineer to connect what they are doing in a classroom to everyday experiences and activities. It is important to understand what is being taught in the classroom, but understanding how it is applicable to the real world can make an engineer from good to tremendous. I have done a fairly good job at forming relationships with my peers in many of my engineering classes. Due to many group projects, I have formed relationships with peers I would have not previously done. It has been extremely beneficial to have these relationships because whenever I am struggling or have questions, I have peers that can help me stay on the right…

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