The Role Of Client Integration Into Mainstream American Society

958 Words Sep 22nd, 2014 4 Pages
SALP: Domestic Abuse Program Evaluation
Christopher M. Nima
San Jose State University

Social workers have long confronted the multiple issues that coexist within a household filled with domestic violence. The problems that can fester in a household filled with domestic violence range from child endangerment to alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, services for the victims of these types of family violence have been splintered, forcing single women or families to go to multiple agencies for support. This issue can become ever more complicated when the victims come from immigrant households who are less familiar with American culture, laws, and services available to them. The focus of the program evaluation is to propose human services for an agency that primarily assists domestic violence victims that have come to live in the United States from a nation that primarily does not take domestic abuse seriously or finds it culturally acceptable. This program evaluation examines the effectiveness of client integration into mainstream American society, which would be provided through the SALP (Safety, Assistance, Living, & Progress) agency located in San Jose, serving primarily families from the Middle East and South Asia facing domestic violence, emotional abuse, cultural alienation, or family conflict. SALP is an organization I have come up with for the intention to evaluate and examine existing programs and interventions available, then design my own based off of…

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