The Role Of Body Image Of Female Youth Essay

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Female youth are experiencing increasing rates of body dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, and decreases in adaptive wellbeing. (Paxton, Neumark-Sztainer, Hannan & Eisenberg, 2006; Stice, 2002). As more females experience negative body image, targeted programs to increase body image along with academics, social and emotional well-being are emerging (e.g. Hoop and Leaders Basketball Camp; Proactive Kids Club; Snowsports Out Reach Program). These program aim to increase the self-esteem, body satisfaction, and social well-being of female youth while participating in physical activity.
Body image is a multidimensional, fluid concept consisting of perception, cognition, affect and behavior (Grogan, 2006; Grogan,1999; Muth & Cas, 1997). Banefield and McCabe (2002) outlined a three factor model of body image consisting of: cognitions and affect, dieting behavior, and perceptual body image. This suggests that the manner in which an individual perceives their body is based on feelings, thoughts, and beliefs towards their appearance; behavioral actions; and the accuracy of an individual to judge their body size.
Body dissatisfaction is negative evaluations of body size, typically involving discrepancies between an individual’s body and their ideal body (Grogan, 2008). Body dissatisfaction is influenced by body comparisons to individuals in the media (Dalley, Buunk, Umit, 2009; Bessenoff, 2006; Posavac, Posavac & Weigel, 2001; Yamamiya, Cash, Melnyk, Posavac & Posavac, 2005) and…

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