The Role Of Body Cameras On Field Essay

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Police Worn Body Cameras
In lieu of past and recent events involving police shootings and mistreatment of those in custody, there 's been a national push for police to wear body cameras and record their day to day work. Recently, police departments around the country have started to really look toward investing into body cameras to combat these problems of authoritative abuse . This may sound good but, there remains one important question. How are these body cameras having a positive impact in stopping police brutality? In two ways I will attempt to solve how this question can be addressed. First of all, explaining the effectiveness of body cameras on field, and back in the station. Secondly, the benefit of body cameras especially for the public in response to the distrust in police officers.
Firstly, let 's address the question are body cameras actually effective. Patrick Johnson from Masslive states, “according to recent studies of departments where the cameras have been used, the answers, generally, have been "yes." The study concludes that officers wearing body cameras know their actions are being recorded and as a result "increase their compliance to rules of conduct, especially around the use of force." But it also notes members of the public were also aware their actions were being recorded and were "more cognizant that they ought to act cooperatively "(johnson). Just to reiterate what johnson said, what we can get from this is that when police are wearing body…

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