1984 By George Orwell: Literary Analysis

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1984 by George Orwell is a dystopian novel that illustrates the day to day lives of people who are being controlled and manipulated by a totalitarian government. In 1984, Winston Smith, the main character, fights against the oppression in Oceania. He opposes the inhumane rules and regulations placed by Big Brother, the dictator of Oceania. Big Brother plays a major role in the novel, although he is never seen; he uses fear and technology to be able control society and maintain in power. The novel was written not too long after Hitler came into power which left people wondering if what happened during World War II and Hitler was used as inspiration for the novel. Hitler was a German dictator who initiated World War II and Big Brother has been connected to him in many ways. Even if Hitler wasn't used as inspiration, there are many parallels between him and the character Big Brother. Big Brother and Hitler portray similar traits such as being prejudiced, taking advantage, and brainwashing society. The key similarity between Big Brother and Hitler is that they both impose …show more content…
If Big Brother and Hitler lost their power, they wouldn't have anything. Hitler and Big Brother have a desire for power and will do anything to remain in power. Hitler once said, it is not truth that matters, but victory.” In this quote, he is stating that for him it didn't matter if what he was doing was right or wrong in the end all that mattered to him was his desire to be superior and have power. In the novel George Orwell broke down what exactly power was in Big Brother and Hitler, he said “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” This is how Big Brother and Hitler became to be such powerful leaders. Hitler took advantage of Germany at a low point. He promised to make the economy better and he made the Germans believe that the Jews were

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