The System Of Apartheid In South Africa

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The United Nations, whose responsibility is to protect the basic human rights of all individuals, created the Millennium Development Goals to meet unprecedented basic needs of the poor in different areas of the world. The United Nations’ first mission: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Nonetheless, how is an entity such as the United Nations, or individual nation-states at that, supposed to break down systems that were meant to be permanent? A system can be described as an organized and purposeful configuration that consists of interrelated and interdependent entities that continually influence, indirectly or directly, one another. The principle of this system is to maintain the existence of the system outright, in addition to achieving its planned out goals. When applied to South African history, the system of apartheid was assembled on the premise of promoting the white agenda, while oppressing every other ethnic group through segregation.
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Firstly, this essay will argue that the system of apartheid, although outlawed in South Africa in 1994, still has distinct residual layouts within South African culture. This essay will also analyze how apartheid has contributed to some of the main causes of poverty, while it will also analyze why the edifices cemented by apartheid are so difficult to destroy. Third, this paper will analyze solutions that have been implemented by the South African government, while simultaneously purporting alternatives to each attempted implementation. Lastly, this paper concludes that with a the continuance of a myriad of varying agendas, South Africa will be unable to effectively help its struggling citizens rise out of

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