The Role Of Any Education System Essay

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The role of any education system is to equip its students for the real world in terms of knowledge and job preparation. In the United States, schools are becoming increasingly deficient in reaching this objective as they deviate from the arts and humanities and lean towards science, technology, engineering, and math, commonly referred to as STEM. At Whitman, only one art credit is required to graduate while multiple science, math, and technology STEM credits are required in each different component. Overemphasis on STEM credits often requires students to drop their art classes in order to complete their required STEM credits. Furthermore, The United States Congress continues to increase spending for STEM programs while simultaneously decreasing spending on the arts and humanities (Llana). Educators justify this with the rationale that STEM subjects form the most rapid-growing and highest paid occupations, but what they fail to realize is that, most careers, including STEM ones, can be enriched by the arts and humanities which augment skills useful not only in the workplace, but also the adult world in general. The issue is not the presence of STEM; rather, it is the sacrifice of the arts and humanities in order to teach STEM. Movement away from the arts and humanities hinders students’ preparation for the adult world. Arts and humanities reflect culture; the key to preparing students as they foster organizational skills, the ability to communicate with others, chances of a…

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