The Role Of An Educator Essay

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Personal Pedagogy
High school is the last tier of stepping up toward adulthood, and if the experience isn’t designed to be worthwhile, many of our youth will unfortunately fall into the category of “blank stares and lost hope.” Many students are at risk of dropping out of high school because they believe that no one actually cares to believe in them. The role of an educator is a person willing to commit to understanding the role of education in the life of adolescents. It takes a very special person to humble his/her ego to maintain a strong work ethic with a positive attitude that does not quit when dealing with young adults; they need a reason more than their mentor does, and that alone should be the overall reason of an educator.
Today, student achievement has shown to be measured by use of graded assessments; they come in a range of formats, such as standardized/classroom exams, projects, peer review, self/teacher evaluation, and many more. Evaluating student progress is vital to their success, because just as primary education was the foundation for secondary learning, high school builds the frame for academic achievement at the University level. Realistically, a student’s academic achievement can only be efficiently measured by how well an instructor prepared them to expand and build on ideas they are already familiar with. By using assessments, the teacher is then able to judge whether or not he/she is meeting his/her objectives when using certain…

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