Essay on The Role Of An Educator

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Language is the way in which human beings communicate and build relationships with each other. Language is extremely dynamic, it is adaptable to the context in which it is shared. It can be verbal as in speech, or non-verbal such as body language or gestures. It can be written as text or delivered through digital technologies such as audio or films. It can be inclusive or exclusive depending upon the context or situation. Groups are classified according to their language. For an example, sporting groups such as basketball will use their own terminology to describe moves played on the court. Other people that do not play or watch basketball may not understand the terms used, hence not be able to access that group. The role of an educator is to ensure that students are exposed to as many forms of language as possible. Language, in all its forms, is essential for communication and helps to establish the relationship between the educator and student. Powerful relationships and communication are the key ingredients for effective learning.
Children learn how to communicate through imitation of their immediate surrounds. Through their social interactions, they form the ability to express their needs and wants, and develop relationships. Gee (as cited by Gee & Hayes, 2011, p. 8) theorises that the first language is called “vernacular”. Vernacular is the everyday language used by an individual in their own social setting (Gee & Hayes, 2011, p. 8). Languages functionality is…

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