The Role Of Alrothy In The Wizard Of Oz

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The quest in L. Frank Baum 's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is designed show that a girl can be a leader, remain independent, and be assertive for values and goals. Baum 's heroine, Dorothy, accepts the challenge of the quest before her and collects companions in order to secure her safety and success in her goals. Throughout her journey through Oz, Dorothy proves to be just as capable as her male counterparts and better than them by possessing traits they do not. Dorothy rejects the character frame of her gender of her time, and proves to be an inspirational figure for girls.
Dorothy possesses an essential element that is almost entirely absent from the male characters in this novel. Dorothy possesses common sense and foresight; these qualities
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She does not command her companions or give orders, or if she gives any orders these words are omitted and only the results are described. This is the case in chapter XIII when Dorothy has melted the Wicked Witch of the West and freed her friend, the cowardly Lion, the text reads: “They went in together to the castle, where Dorothy’s first act was to call all the Winkies together and tell them that they were no longer slaves” (87). This moment is not only significant for Dorothy’s character growth, as she has finally embraced her role in freeing those held in bondage, this is significant for a fictional female character in novels for this time. Dorothy is standing beside a male lion whom, although believes himself to be cowardly, is a powerful symbol of masculinity and nobility. In a patriarchal society it would be expected that the lion would speak to the winkie populace; however, it is the young girl who speaks and the American reader would see the similarities of the situation to Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and note the gender role reversal. A young girl has effectively replaced the male President and assumes all his leadership qualities and

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