The Role Of A Registered Nurse Is Multifaceted Essay

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The role of a registered nurse is multifaceted. At the core of nursing is the mission of safe patient centered care and it is each and every nurse 's purpose to maintain and carry out this mission. This also means that each and every nurse is a leader. Registered nurses are responsible for the care coordination and safety of all of his or her patients and those of the rest of his or her team. Registered nurses assign practical nurses and unlicensed assistive personnel duties that help to ensure the safety and proper care of patients. That doesn’t mean that each nurse has the title of manager; but, it does mean that a registered nurse must possess the knowledge, qualities, and passions that are required to create and nurture an environment of safety and effectiveness for the patients as well as his or her fellow team members.
School is the foundation of knowledge a registered nurse needs to achieve patient centered care. School provides knowledge of the human body, disease process, disease prevention, and safety. While in school the future registered nurse has the opportunity to learn skills from other nurses and build experience that will be necessary while in the field. The preceptors, mentors, and clinical instructors are all leaders that teach the future registered nurse about realities of nursing while working on different units. Clinical experiences take place in many units giving the future registered nurse perspective he or she may be able to draw from throughout…

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