Essay on The Role Of A Parent Figure

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According to infamous philosopher John Locke, the role of a parent figure is paramount in every child’s adolescent life. Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein experiences benevolent affection from both his parents in every way possible. However, when Victor obtains the chance to mimic this paternal role, he immediately abandons his creature and leaves it to fend for itself without any form of nurture. Not only does Victor mistreat his creature, but he also eliminates the need for women, emphasizing a larger gender issue. Even though some argue that Victor’s greatest sin is playing the role of God, the failure to parent his creature proves to be more despicable because it leaves the creature without any parents, validates the power of nurture, and creates a feminist issue regarding the role of mothers. In every child’s life, the two figures that have the greatest influence on them are their mother and father. For Victor, his parents “were possessed by the very spirits of kindness and indulgence”(23). They gave Victor and his adopted sister Elizabeth the most desirable life any child could ever dream of. The two children were encouraged to deepen their knowledge, explore the world around them, and focus on the future that is before them. Victor’s father, Alphonse, wants his only son to focus on modern teaching and now to dwell on the philosophies of the past. When Alphonse learns that Victor is reading aged novels, he says “Ah! Cornelius Agrippa! My dear Victor,…

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