The Role Of A Nurse Essay

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Nurses are often portrayed to the public as task focused medication administers, doctors assistants and hand holders; so when I made the choice to go into the field of nursing, I only had a very small piece of what it actually means to be a nurse. Through my studies and experiences in practice, I have come to realize that for me the role of a nurse is one of greater importance: Empowerment. In school we learn the value of education, communication and empathy, as it relates to advocacy and empowerment for our patients and clients. Working collaboratively and supporting their choices, I have witnessed the value of personal decision making, as opposed to a paternalistic care approach resulting in a power imbalance (Situational Transitions class notes, 2015). I have found this to be relevant in both my professional and personal life. I have faced many challenges that have helped to guide me to where I am today. Those experiences have shaped who I am as a person, but also have informed my nursing practice. Pregnant at 15 years old, I was forced to navigate the health care system alone, through a difficult pregnancy and birth. As a young mother, my lifestyle, choices and fitness to parent were often scrutinized by both the social and healthcare system, as I was often excluded in the decision making process as it related to my health and the health of my daughter. In my own practice; I have found that building report and trust is foundational, as patients share more about their…

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