The Role Of A Medical Doctor As Treating Sickness Essay

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Public health is a very broad concept that comes with different explanations from various perspectives. However, couple of websites will be examined on their thought on public health.

Firstly, public health is the act of promoting and protecting the people in a community most especially where they work, live, learn and play without treating it according to American public health association APHA. This clearly differentiated the role of a medical doctor as treating sickness or providing healing to a sick person through the use of medicine. Whereas public health uses preventive method such as primary, secondary as well as tertiary strategies in preventing illness by educating the masses on wellness, healthy behaviors and injuries. Although it’s a recognized website (accredited) its contents are very resourceful, informative and very insightful. Secondly, association of state and territorial health officials (ASTHO) did not clearly explain or define the concept, but it meaning entails materials of the ‘’tools used to improve the health of a population’’. Materials like evidence-based public health, health equity, health systems immunization, infectious disease, maternal and child health, accreditation performance, prevention, environmental health, e-health, health in all policies were some of the subject (as topic) seen on the website. Inasmuch, these materials portray what the concept (public health) does as it is being integrated into other subjects. However, the…

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