The Role Of A Diabetic Nurse Educator Essay

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There are many people who are newly diagnosed with diabetes each year. In people with diabetes, the insulin is not doing its job causing the sugar to remain in the blood stream; which results in a lack of energy needed for everyday functioning. Health care personnel educate patients about maintaining their diabetes, but their time is limited. This is the reason Diabetic nurse educators are important, because they have the time to teach about diabetes, how to check sugars, and how to handle sick days. The role of a Diabetic nurse educator is to improve the quality of patient education. The assessment is based on what the patient knows about the illness, where their educational need lies, and each person’s readiness to learn.
Moreover, the education necessary to practice in this role is to first pursue a nursing degree (associates, diploma, Bachelor’s degrees). Second, pass the National Council Licensure Examination(NCLEX-RN) Third, gain nursing experience in a hospital or clinic. Fourth, advance to diabetes management nursing to seek a job as a diabetes nurse educator. Fifth, obtain a certification; even though, a diabetic educator doesn’t have to become certified to work. However, the certification may offer more job opportunities. It’s important to meet the certification requirements from the Nation Certification Board for Diabetes Educators offer the certification (NCBDE). You must have approximately 2 years of experience working in diabetes care. Also, complete at least…

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