The Role Of A Creative Leader Essay

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“The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; but to create a culture where individuals can have ideas and feel that they are valued with their education” (Ken Robinson). The first main point is culture, and its important in many ways because it provides individuals with a sense of identity and losing these practices and traditions will harm the culture as well. Qualities, convictions, and behavioral standards are critical to the act of culture which is more valuable than the destructive and mind damaging aspects of the loss of dignity and the importance of beliefs because cultural humanism will disappear. The second main principle consists of creativity, which can be described as individuals use their mind to be creative. Moreover, the impacts of creativity on individuals through imagination and knowledge improve their critical mind in life which is superior than the distribution of laziness in inspiration. Creativity is the most important quality to the world because it helps individuals to use their imagination. Third, education, is defined as individuals who are taught, whether in schools or universities to light up their own experience and skills. Additionally, teaching-programs can bring out individuals who educate students, which is more effective than those who are inexperienced and fixated on their own limitations. Education is also important because it improves people’s knowledge about different things. Social Media Programs have a destructive impact…

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