Employee-Centric Organization

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Our customers include companies that want to bring their operations to the next level by creating an employee-centric organization. These customers are interested in creating happy and healthy employees by implementing employee programs that result in increased performance and a healthy bottom line.

What Our Customers Value

First and foremost, our customers value their employees. In addition, they are also looking for ways to increase employee performance beyond just traditional goals and metrics. Our customers are also open to looking at things differently. They are receptive to feedback and are interested in using nontraditional ways of addressing their goals. Our customers also understand that employee engagement and empowerment
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These departments are Employee Wellness, led by Eugene No, Employee Engagement, led by Carter Prescott, Space and Organization, lead by Luciano Rose Jr., Research, led by Kelly Thompson-Lumen, and Design and Creativity, led by Hannah Franco. George Williams is the Chief Executive of the Dream Builders organization. The six leaders will build the organization so that the mission and values are at the core of the business. George will hold the team responsible for leading by example and following the mission and values.

Each of the team members will spend time to understand themselves, their management styles, and how they adapt to change and challenges. Learning about themselves will allow the leaders to guide employees with love, compassion, and
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We utilize the concepts of design thinking through a journey with our customers. This journey begins with ethnography and co-creation. Understanding what companies want to accomplish is essential for our success. Since each company is different, really understanding thoughts and feelings at the grassroots levels are foundational. Dream Builders’ strategic vision is to make dreams a reality by helping our customers really understand their current state and then transform into a future state of high performing organizations. By partnering with our customers, we are able to implement employee-centric programs that increase employee engagement. The results are endless, but at the very least are increased productivity which helps companies achieve their goals. Expected outcomes are carefully considered as goals and metrics are established to ensure that the companies we partner with achieve optimal

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